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The chain and rope heaving days are over!

Welcome to the home of the “Water Wench” a rock-solid River Larry anchor system,
built for strength, with craftsmanship, and for ease of use.

This is the most reliable boat anchor system available.

 • Pinpoint anchor placement can be achieved with ease.
• 10,000 hour continuous run 12-volt motor.
• Draws only 13 amps under full load.
• 3/8" diameter kern mantle rescue rope. (50 ft. max.)
• 8,000 lb. strength with 1.2% water absorption rate.
• Continuous run industrial gearbox with built in pressure relief valve.

12 Volt System
120 lbs.
Patent Pending 2017©

We do boat modifications and have anchor boxes, oar locks, and other boat accessories.
Custom built and American made.


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